Finlandia Vodka Cup, Levi, Finland

In the land of Far-Far away there was an international barman competition:
"11th Finlandia Vodka Cup", where also the biggest fire logo was made.

EST: sulje kapi uks
Up to there!
Up to here
The Summer
Rudolf the Rednose
Here you go
Some Nissan outside
Who have not seen snow before?
Heidi Suomi
Rajamäki water
Finlandia water:)
Finnishing school
Tha Dome
Reindeer 1
Reindeer 1
Dear Rein
Tha competition 1
Tha competition 2                                                                                                               
Fire in the snow?
Burn it all to hell
29 countries
I'll take the last botlle and then we go...
FV mökki
The mission
Go to the mission
The result!